Building Young Leaders Today For Tomorrow

Together we build our youth’s pathway to success through leadership.

What is Building Young Leaders
Today for Tomorrow?

The past years have shown us that we must foster leadership at every level, from the classroom to the highest level of leadership across Malaysia to achieve education equity. Our Building Young Leaders Today for Tomorrow Programme aims to build capacity in high-need students to drive locally-led community solutions, uphold their civic responsibility, and be prepared to pursue their desired career pathways.

Student Leadership Course

Students will be able to go through a 8-9 week self-paced course to develop leadership competencies based on Teach For Malaysia's SCoRE framework, and propose a locally-led community solution. Students who complete the course will be eligible for exciting prizes!

Youth Innovation Challenge

Youth Innovation Challenge is a platform for students to share their stories of transformation based on what they have learned during the student leadership course. Upon completion of the challenge, students will have the opportunity to apply for funding to execute their proposed solutions.

Why Student Leadership?

Teach For Malaysia places leadership at the centre of our Student Vision, in which all students are empowered to be leaders of their own learning, their future and the future of Malaysia. Hence, a number of components within the programme were designed to drive our progress towards student leadership growth.

Leadership Gap

According to our student dialogues, 39 percent of students think that they are leaders, and only 56 percent reported to have received adequate support or opportunities to develop their leadership skills in school.


Our student dialogues also found that over 83 percent of students viewed leadership as positional rather than as a set of competencies. Such a view, while not invalid, hinders individuals’ belief in their ability to bring about change.

Industrial Revolution 4.0

With the rise of Industry 4.0, questions remain over whether our future leaders are prepared for the ever-changing economy which demands 21st century skills (creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking).

Social-Emotional Skills

While social and emotional learning is critical to a child’s development, school remains the only place where any deficiencies in these abilities can be addressed before they become active members of society.

Teach For Malaysia’s Student Leadership Development

Our review of Malaysian Education Blueprint revealed that student leadership encompasses four competencies: These competencies were aligned to current research on Student Voice that we think underpins transformation in the lives of Malaysian students.

SCoRE Framework

Our Framework is very similar to our own Fellow Leadership Development Framework. It identifies three layers within which students will develop and practice their four leadership competencies. To assist users there are a number of indicators which illustrate the key actions students could demonstrate.

Social & Emotional Learning (SEL)

Being able to understand yourself (emotion, strength, weakness), understand others, and work well with others.


Being able to clearly and confidently express your ideas in spoken and written form.


Being able to adapt well to difficult situations - setbacks, failures, challenges (i.e. to bounce back like a rubber ball).


Taking the initiative to develop and implement your own solutions to a problem (in self, team and community).

Student Leadership Journey


Teacher Wong, SMK Chung Hwa
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An in-depth programme for students to acknowledge their feelings and be responsible for the outcomes of their 'explosion' of feelings. [SLS] helps healthy emotion and creates a conducive learning environment.
Jessen (Student), SMK Chung Hwa
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Thank you to my teacher for giving me this course. It encouraged me to be brave in expressing my emotions every day.

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